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          Buyer Agency

What is Buyer Agency?

Buyer Agency occurs when a Real Estate Agent represents and works for the buyer purchasing a home. A buyer agent has the duty to work in the best interest of the buyer, NOT THE SELLER, as is the case in almost all transactions.

Your Crew:
The Buyer Agent will assist the buyer in negotiating the right price for a house, not the highest price for the seller.
The Buyer Agent will help the buyer structure the transaction to the buyer’s advantage.

The Course:
Why do you need a car and a crew?
1. Negotiate the purchase price in your favor
2. Assist in writing the Offer protecting your interests
3. Keep your bargaining power and financial condition confidential
4. Discuss property resale ability issues
5. Disclose seller information that you may use to your advantage in the bargaining process
6. Provide details on both listed and unlisted properties
7. Receive preferential treatment over other buyer’s that are unrepresented by buyer agency
8. In most cases, seller via the listing broker pays the commission for the service so why not be represented?

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